How to Reset a Brother DCP-9020CDW

How to Reset a Brother DCP-9020CDW

Step 1. To begin, if the LCD display screen is clear proceed to the next step. If there is an error message currently displayed, press Cancel X button to show the main menu

Step 2. Hit the Fax button to display the numeric keypad. Now, locate the Asterisk (the * button) on the numeric keypad. *It is very important that you memorize the location of the Asterisk button, because it will not be lit up later in the reset process.

Step 3. Press the Home button to return to the main menu

Step 4. Now, open the front cover of the machine. This is the part of the printer where you have access to the cartridges

Step 5. With the front cover open, press and hold the Asterisk * button (You will not be able to see it this time around). Now it for 5 seconds

Step 6. The LCD screen will display a reset menu

Step 7. Scroll through this menu to select the toner you want to reset. You might have to do this reset 4 different times to reset the entire printer

Step 8. Once you select a color, the LCD screen will say Accepted and the reset is complete.