How to Reset a Brother TN-750 Toner Cartridge

How to Reset a Brother TN-750 Toner Cartridge

This reset is meant for DCP/MFC Monochrome printers:

Step 1. Open the front cover of the Brother printer. This cover is here the toner and drum is inserted, not the paper. The cover should remain open for the entire process, unless otherwise instructed. The screen will read, “Front cover is open.”

Step 2. Press the Clear button on the machine's front panel.

Step 3. The printer will display a message that will say, “Replace Drum?”

Step 4. Press Star Zero Zero on the keypad ( *00)

Step 5. The screen should now say “Accepted” and you should be able to continue printing

This reset is meant for HL Series printers for the Brother TN-750 cartridge

Step 1. Open the front cover of the machine where the toner cartridges are inserted. Keep this cover open until otherwise instructed.

Step 2. Ensure that the printer is turned OFF. Let it remain off for a few seconds before continuing.

Step 3. Hold the Go button down and turn the printer back on. All four LED lights should light up. When they do so, you can release the Go button. (Don’t do it before the lights come on, or you will have to start over) The LED lights should then turn off.

Step 5. Press the Go button 2 times. The LED lights for toner, drum and paper will light up and should remain on.

Step 6. Press the Go button 5 more times.

Step 7. The light for paper will be blinking. That is OK! Close the front cover and the printer should be back to normal and you can resume printing.